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For over 170 years SCFS has compassionately worked to meet the diverse needs of Christian and non-Christian seafarers at ports both home and abroad.

We currently have more than 35 Port Chaplains and Volunteer Ship Visitors visiting a variety of cruise liners, bulk carriers, container ships and oil tankers in over 20 ports.

Ports are both busy and hazardous places and our chaplains and ship visitors undertake health and safety training and wear appropriate protection and Hi-Viz clothing. They regularly have to negotiate steep gangways to go aboard ships, whilst carrying Bibles, literature and sundries for the crew. Many ports also have seafarer welfare centres where they can relax and unwind.

A productive working relationship with each port authority is essential and in the UK SCFS is often represented on Port Welfare Committees, which are overseen by the Merchant Navy Welfare Board.

From the Harbour Master to the stevedore, the crane driver to security, we regularly have opportunities to listen to their stories and to share the gospel.


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