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Knitting for Seafarers

Many seafarers embark ships in warm or hot climates without warm clothes and often unprepared for the harsh and cold realities of life at sea or at ports in colder temperatures.

Over the years thousands of hats, scarves and gloves have been knitted by SCFS supporters and gratefully received by seafarers.

If you knit then please join our many supporters in knitting for seafarers. If you’re a member of a church or community knitting group, why not ask them to join in knitting for seafarers.

“Project Woolly Hat!”
Recently an SCFS supporter sponsored the production of logo badges which can be stitched on to the woolly hats our knitters produce. These will make great gifts and souvenirs for the seafarers, and will help them to remember who they have received their hat from.


Please let us know that you or your group are providing knitting and we will send you a quantity of labels with our logo to sew on to the hats and scarves.

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My story Knitting for Seafarers

I took up knitting again about 10 years ago when my church home group knitted some little suits for the “fish and chip” babies in Africa. Apparently new born babies had no clothes to go home in from where they were born so they were wrapped in newspaper. That cause came to an end.

Through our church we used to support a church in Romania, sending a lorry over once a year so I started knitting hats to go there. I also came in contact with a lady who helped refugees in Calais so gave her hats to take over too.

Both of these outlets came to an end but I was told about SCFS by a lovely lady from my church. She was already sending hats so I too have been sending them for a few years now.

It is an absolutely worthwhile and satisfactory cause where I know that they are appreciated. 

Julia Connolly

June 2023

It is many years ago that my husband and I first came in contact with SCFS, and Gavin McGregor has stayed with us on occasion.

Our most recent connection came about through reading about the hats and scarves in Helmsman. I decided to knit a hat and scarf and showed then to the Ladies Craft Group at Bethesda Free Church. The ladies were immediately taken with the idea and you see the results to date on the photograph.

We pray that God will bless you and all the seafarers who will receive a hat and/or scarf.

Love from the ladies of Bethesda Free Church in South Shields.

Linda McConway

December 2023

Ladies Knitters Display