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How can I get involved?

We just wouldn’t be able to visit and care for seafarers year on year without our faithful supporters. 

Imagine that the gift you decide to give might be the only Christmas present a lonely seafarer receives.

A prayer for protection might avoid a serious accident from happening on board a ship or at the quayside.

A knitted item will protect a seafarer from the biting cold when undertaking hazardous duties at sea.

A donation will help maintain and expand our port chaplain presence and help cover the cost of ship visits.

We sincerely thank God for all you do and mean to us.

Get Involved

Ways to get Involved


SCFS wouldn’t be able to befriend and support seafarers without financial donations from people like you, our generous friends and supporters

Become a prayer partner

Any attempt to show God’s love and compassion through ministry has to be founded on prayer. When God’s heart is moved he responds with abundance beyond what we can imagine.

Become a SCFS Gifter

But imagine you’re in the middle of the Atlantic or Pacific Ocean and run short! Imagine you don’t have enough time while in port to get off, find a shop, and buy what you vitally need.As well as making a financial donation you can donate gifts

Knit for Seafarers

Over the years thousands of hats scarves and paris of gloves have been knitted by SCFS supporters and gratefully received by seafarers who find themselves in this position.