The gift of Legacy

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The gift of Legacy

Compassionate service to seafarers is our call, our commission and our goal. We are therefore very grateful to those who decide to leave a legacy to SCFS as each one enables us to continue supporting seafarers at home and abroad.

The importance of a Will

Without the drafting of a Will your family will have little or no choice in what happens to your estate, that is, your property, possessions and money as your wishes won’t be legally carried out.

Should you not have a Will in place, or one that needs reviewed and changed, we would encourage you to seek the help of a qualified solicitor or professional Will writer.

Your Will and SCFS

 Please remember Seafarers’ Christian Friend Society in your Will. By having a will you can be confidently reassured that your wishes will be carried out and that SCFS will continue to fulfil what God has called it to do.

Three ways to consider leaving a legacy to SCFS

Residuary Legacy

This is the giving of the remainder of your estate, or a percentage of the remainder your estate, as a gift.  This happens after other gifts to family and friends have been fulfilled.

Specific Legacy

This is the giving of a specific item that you have left in your Will, for example:

  • An item of property or possessions
  • Shares or bonds
  • A life insurance policy


Pecuniary Legacy

This is a specific sum of money left in your Will. It should, however, be remembered that this may decrease in value over time due to the effects of inflation.

Here is a form of words that you should use when writing your Will..…

“I bequeath XY or Z to the Seafarers’ Christian Friend Society, CH18, Colvin House, Inspire Business Park, 16 Carrowreagh Road, Dundonald, Northern Ireland BT16 1QT. Registered Charity Number 209133”.

If you would like to talk about leaving a legacy call Claire between 10am and 5pm, Monday to Wednesday, on +44 (0) 2895 217 770.

Once you’ve made the decision please let us know by writing to Claire Kyle at our headquarters address or emailing her with the details using the link below.

Thank you.