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Praying for Seafarers

Prayer is the foundation of any fruitful and productive Christian ministry. Prayers of faith and expectation move the heart of God who wonderfully responds “more abundantly beyond what we can ask or think”.

As a result of prayer our Port Chaplains and volunteer Ship Visitors regularly testify to being at the right ship at the right time to connect with a seafarer in need and whose heart is responsive to the gospel of grace. How amazing!

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Not sure what to pray about

Here are some suggestions
  • Safety and provision for our Port Chaplains, Volunteer Ship Visitors and their families.
  • Guidance from the Holy Spirit to be on the right ship, at the right time, with seafarers who are receptive to welfare support and the gospel.
  • That the practical, emotional, physical and spiritual needs of seafarers would be met through the timely support and compassion of those who go on board.
  • For the wives and husbands of seafarers as they cope with household responsibilities and child raising on their own, and for the children growing up with absent fathers and mothers.
  • For the safety of all who work within the ports and opportunities for our Port Chaplains and Volunteer Ship Visitors to have supportive meaningful conversations and to share the gospel.
  • Wisdom, guidance and courage for the SCFS Trustees and staff in their leadership, administration and care of this vital ministry.


Thanks for making SCFS a regular feature within your personal and your church family prayer life!