Warrenpoint Port

Northern Ireland
Warrenpoint - Burns

Port Chaplain: Andy Burns

Andy Burns is the SCFS representative in the port of Warrenpoint. He lives in Annalong just along the coast from Warrenpoint. Andy started visiting ships in 2022.

He has been a Christian for many years and has a big heart for the Gospel. Andy is involved with Street Pastors and is often seen in Newcastle, Co Down, at weekends with his team, offering tea/coffee and chat to those leaving the bars late at night.

He is currently the Team Chaplain for Warrenpoint Football Club and is well known in the town.

+44 (0) 7914 751 466

Warrenpoint Port Information

Warrenpoint is Northern Ireland’s second largest commercial port and the fifth on the island of Ireland located half way between Belfast and Dublin.

+44 (0)28 4177 3381

Warrenpoint Port SCFS Resources

  • Hospital visitation
  • Transport to shops, tourist venues, church services
  • Free WIFI
  • Gifts of toiletries and soft toys
  • Knitted hats and scarves
  • Assisting transfer of money to family
  • Bible studies, Bibles, literature

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