Ipswich Port

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Port Chaplain: Keith Oliver

Keith has been visiting ships in Ipswich since 1989 and often introduces himself as a Christian Friend to Seafarers.

He shares God’s Word by giving out Bibles and Christian literature in the language of the seafarers he meets.  Children’s Bible story books are also popular and well received by seafarer’s as it is easy to read and they can take it home to their families as a gift.


Ipswich Port Information

The Port of Ipswich is situated at the head of the River Orwell, 12 miles (19km) from the open sea and handles 2 million tonnes of cargo per year. It is the UK’s leading grain export port and handles a range of other products such as fertiliser, cement and aggregates.

+44 (0)1473 231010

Ipswich Port SCFS Resources

  • Bibles in different languages
  • Children’s Bible Story Books
  • Christian literature

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