Foyle Port

Northern Ireland
Foyle - Olly & Val Roebuck

Port Chaplain: Ollie and Val Roebuck

Ollie worked in auto sales for over 20 years before commencing a theology degree in 2015 while Val enrolled in the ladies course part time. Ollie was inducted as Pastor of Richill Park Baptist Church Londonderry in 2018 and was commissioned to the role of SCFS Port Chaplain in March 2023.

+44 (0)77027 86596

Foyle Port Information

Foyle Port is primarily a bulk port and a major importer of oil, coal, animal feed, fertiliser and plywood handling around £2m of essential commodities for the North West region of Northern Ireland.

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Foyle Port SCFS Resources

SCFS Resources


  • Hospital visitation
  • Transport to shops, tourist venues, church services
  • Free WIFI
  • Gifts of toiletries and soft toys
  • Knitted hats and scarves
  • Assisting transfer of money to family
  • Bible studies, Bibles, literature

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