Emden Port

Mangold, Marcel

Port Chaplain: Marcel

Marcel has been serving the seafarers in the port of Emden as a volunteer for SCFS since 2022. He counts it a great joy every time he meets people from different cultures and to bring them the Gospel, whose transforming power he has also been able to feel in his life through God’s grace.

In addition, he likes to help the seafarers practically by doing small errands, sightseeing, or even playing sports together such as basketball, if time allows.

He would be grateful if you could support the work in Emden with your prayers.


Emden Port Information

Emden is a modern port and over the past 25 years, it has become one of Europe’s premier RoRo ports. Most of the cargo is new cars as well as liquid chalk, minerals, magnesium chloride, liquid fertilizers and project cargo.

+49 492 151 770

Emden Port SCFS Resources

  • Bibles
  • Bible courses
  • Books
  • Woolly hats
  • Basketball and other sport activities

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