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Rob Flinders

Port Chaplain: Rob Flinders

Rob was born in the United Kingdom in 1940. In 1957 he went to sea as a Deck Cadet onboard a Blue Funnel Line general cargo vessel, trading between European ports and ports in SE Asia. Ove the next 12 years Rob progressed from Deck Cadet to Chief Mate.

IN 1971 he migrated to Sydney Australia to commence teaching Masters & Mates in the NSW TAFE School of Navigation. Rob resigned from TAFE in 1996 and went to NW Australia as the Manager of the Port Hedland Mission to Seafarers’ Centre.

In 2000 he was invited by the UK Director of SCFS to establish an SCFS ministry to seafarers in Australia. That ministry began in Port Kembla NSW in 2000. For the last 22 years Rob has been the full time SCFS port missionary in Port Botany (Sydney).
+61 (0) 408 162 550

Botany Port Information

Botany is the largest container port in New South Wales and the counties largest common user bulk liquids facility.

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