Updates from Amsterdam


Updates from Amsterdam

A captain had tears in his eyes when he heard that he too could simply go to the Lord Jesus. The Bible has been opened and shared with the seafarers and we can sense that there is a lot going on when seafarers are led in prayer. It’s a joy to be able to bring spiritual food onboard. 

We have also been able to help the seafarers practically. There have been many items of clothing, knitted hats, socks and shoes given out. Yvonne and I also gave several suitcases and travel bags to grateful male and female seafarers.Around Easter we brightened up the sailors’ day when we handed out 3,000 tulips. 

Recently a captain encouraged me by saying that we will cause many sailors to say: 

“My day can't go wrong anymore; you’ve made my day!” We bring gifts to them, and sometimes share the Word of God telling them that Jesus is the Light of the world, and we are thrilled to hear seafarers give their lives to Jesus.


A few days ago, I made some fantastic connections with sailors from various countries. I was able to provide a lot of valuable spiritual food, which everyone was happy to receive. While I was still on board, someone called "The stairs to get on board have already been removed, we are almost leaving!" A lift crane machinist was just quickly found, who offered me a beautiful lift high in the air, which I gladly accepted!

Theo and Yvonne Van Zuliekom

Brisote, Joemil Santander, Jeff Cabrera Castante, Joevanny Sous (1)1