A Christian seafarer recently shared with us;

“My captain constantly makes jokes about Jesus when I am at the helm.
A Hindu colleague runs away as soon as you start talking about Jesus.
A Muslim colleague claims that at all costs Jesus was only a prophet.
Jehovah's Witnesses who come onboard along the way and tell that Jesus is the angel Michael....
What is this when it comes to Jesus? There's something going on with that Name….
Well, for me it’s clear, there is power in the Name of Jesus!

The Bible is also very clear about it, in Acts 4 it says; "And salvation is in none other, for there is no other Name under heaven given among men by which we must be saved.” This was also our message over the past while to sailors.

We are also regularly privileged as believers to encourage Christian sailors. That's how I had the chance in January to meet my Indian friend, Rohan, again when I was together with Felix in the port of Rotterdam. We have been in regular contact for years and it was great to meet each other 'live' again and also get to know his colleagues. "How wonderful that you have come to visit us,” they said. Of course we had to have dinner there too! Rohan is now back at home with his family. Last month he even managed to receive his theology diploma. It is really special how he has been able to combine his work and studies. Lets pray for Rohan for guidance how to use his theology diploma!

We are very thankful to have Gideon as part of our team. Gideon is a former sailor and is now working with the port-authorities. Ship visits with Gideon are also an adventure! It is truly a blessing to be able to work together, we complement each other well. That's how we ended up with sailors on board a ship from Syria. They were not allowed to disembark, but we were able to provide items and listen to these men and their stories. And some of these men wanted an Arabic Bible.

On a another ship, a sailor from Cape Verde burst into tears upon our arrival because his best friend had died in a motorcycle accident the night before. Our attention visibly comforted him.



On Good Friday we had our Tulip-Action! It's the fourth year that we gave out tulips onboard ships because of Easter. We did this in corporation with other welfare-organisations in the port. Three thousand tulips were shared onboard the ships! This is greatly appreciated and suitable vases are often immediately sought for in which the tulips are then shown off. We often see sailors wanting to take photos of it for home. We give an explanation of Easter on the back of the flyer and one can discover how to get Sailor Bibles and/or Key-chain Bibles because you know; "Flowers fade away but the Word of our God stands forever!" (Isaiah 40:8)

Thank you for all your prayers. God bless you!

Marien Gijsbertsen

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