SCFS Philippines on the Go!

SCFS Philippines on the Go!

The SCFS team in the Philippines carry out a multi-faceted work with the seafarers seeking to meet their various physical, emotional and spiritual needs. Read on to discover more about their various forms of ministry.


Seamen for Christ Fellowship is an evangelical church ministering to seafarers. It provides a shelter for those looking for a temporary church in the city.


Seafarers on the Go! Seafarers gather and serve the Lord through music ministry. They attend the  Seamen for Christ Fellowship for the entire duration of their stay in the city until they are dispatched. We are grateful for the opportunity to serve them while they offer their gifts and talents to God.

Counselling and Centre Visits. We are delighted when seafarers come and visit us. We have seafarers who tell us they have met different missionaries around the globe while on board the ship. At times, they come and share difficult situations they face and seeking counsel and prayer.

Books! Books! Books! We have distributed thousands of Martin Otto's books to Manning Agencies, Maritime Schools, Seamen Dormitories and seafarer events.  Books by Martin include: "Seafarers Mind", "How to Overcome Temptation" and "Faith at Sea". All of these are available st the Seamen's Centre.

Prayer for the sick. There was a time when SCFS had the privilege to pray for the sick inside Seamen's Hospital, but it stopped for various reasons. We sent a follow-up letter to the officer in charge seeking permission to minister here again to them, which was rejected. We have seen the importance and the work of prayer to them, even the head nurse would direct us to the room which needs immediate prayer. Join us in praying for this to resume so that we can further the Gospel of Christ even to the families.

Prayer Meeting We meet regularly to pray on Thursdays. Seafarers come and join us in praying for the country and fellow seafarers and families.

Luneta Park Ministry Wednesdays are for evangelism. In Kalaw Luneta Park, you can find a crowd of seafarers resting, waiting  or looking for a shipping company which they can apply to. The team decided to go here for evangelism because it is where you mainly meet seafarers, as most of the companies are across the park. We praise God that the evangelism ministry has been constant since its inception.

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