Estelito’s Prayer

Seafarers Stories

Estelito’s Prayer

The large container ship that I actually wanted to visit had just left when I arrived by car. There was another small ship nearby, but I wanted to go to the next terminal to visit another large freighter. I thought that I would only meet a few sailors on the small ship.

From a distance, I saw the young watchman standing on top of the gangway of the small ship. As I watched,  I felt God saying in my heart: “Go and talk to this man!” So I went and started a conversation with him. His name is Estelito. He told me that he had only been on board for a few days. He was very sad because he had left his Bible at home. That night, he had asked God for someone to come on board and bring him a Bible!

I had actually wanted to go on another ship, but Jesus led me to this sailor who was so longing for His Word. Estelito was very happy about the Bible I gave him. He has since studied many Bible correspondence courses.

Volker Lamaack, Port Chaplain