Doulos Hope visits Manila

Doulos Hope visits Manila

SCFS Philippines were recently able to enjoy a visit on the Doulos Hope and to celebrate in the Seafarer Worship night.

Doulus Hope, meaning "Servant of Hope" was launched in May 2023 and over the past year has visited Singapore, Thailand, Cambodia, Malaysia and the Philippines. Along with her sister Logos Hope, the ships sail around the world and welcome thousands of visitors onboard during their visit at each port of call. More than 49 million visitors have boarded the ships over the past 50 years! The floating book fairs provide a wide range of literature.

An international crew and staff of volunteers from over 60 different countries live and work on the ships. They seek to promote education and literature, to provide aid and community care and to reflect God's love and compassion.

You can discover more at GBA Ships and at Operation Mobilisation.



SCFS on Dulous Hope 2.