Bible Study In My Car


Bible Study In My Car

It was January 2020 when I met Nathaniel for the first time on a vehicle carrier. He was so happy to meet a born again Christian as he longed for fellowship with other believers. We started to have a Bible study in a small office near the gangway.

One day he invited another of his crew to the Bible study, telling me that he was praying for him to know the real Jesus Christ and to be saved. It was so encouraging to see the Bible study going well, until the pandemic started.

It was not easy to continue on board ship as the Covid 19 regulations were becoming stricter. However, it couldn’t stop Nathaniel. We continued to have fellowship, not at the office, but in my car. The Lord has blessed Nathaniel and me through reading His Word and praying for each other.

In 2023 we live without the Covid 19 regulations in Ireland. However, his ship still has them which requires ship visitors to take a Covid test to go on board. Even though we still meet in my car, which is a small space, we experience our big God and the peace and joy of Jesus.

Jae Bae

May 2023