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Port Chaplain: Gordon Liston

Gordon Liston was born in Limerick and now enjoys visiting ships in the Limerick area. It is a privilege to get on board and meet crew from all over the world.
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Foynes-Limerick Information

The combined ports of Foynes and Limerick consist of the deepest sheltered commercial harbour in Ireland. Handling over 10 million tonnes of cargo annually, maximizing the use of the exceptional 32mtr depth of water which enables some of the world’s largest cargo ships to dock there. With an annual turnover of 8.5 Billion Euro and supporting more that 3.5 thousand jobs in the area, the port plays a significant role in the economics of west coast of Ireland.


A recently formed team of SCFS representatives now visit ships in the three main port areas of Foynes, Limerick and Aughinish, supporting Seafarers attending to their Physical, Emotional, Mental and Spiritual needs.

Limerick, Aughinish and Foynes are on the Shannon Estuary which is extremely deep in some parts as much as 35m. With rail and roads developing it is a fast growing international port area with the potential for some of the larger ships docking here. Imperial Airways Short S.23 G-ADHM Caledonia-one of the first flying boats into Foynes in 1937.

Map image source: showing the West of Ireland including some of Kerry Clare and Limerick. page 16


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Foynes-Limerick SCFS Resources

  • Transport to shops, tourist venues, church services
  • Provision of Sim Cards
  • Gifts of toiletries and soft toys
  • Knitted hats and scarves
  • Bible studies, Bibles, literature

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