Cork Port

Charles & Colin - June 24

Port Chaplain: Colin Jenkins (left in Photo)

Since 2006 Sunhwa and I have been ministering full-time to the seafarers who visit the Port of Cork. We love helping them practically and spiritually. Over the past year we’ve been really blessed to have the partnership of Charles and Mary Hancock. We believe in TEAM (Together Everyone Achieves More).  Thanks for your prayers and support.

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Cork Port Information

The port of Cork is situated on the south coast of Ireland and is the world’s second largest natural harbour enabling it to support every type of ship.

+(0) 353 21 427 3125

Cork Port SCFS Resources

  • Hospital visitation
  • Transport to shops, tourist venues, church services
  • Purchase of SIM cards
  • Gifts of toiletries and soft toys
  • Knitted hats and scarves
  • Assisting transfer of money to family
  • Bible studies, Bibles, literature

Port Gallery