Rado is from Bulgaria and has been hospitalised in Cork since January 2023.

Colin Jenkins, our Port Chaplain, was on board his ship when emergency services arrived to evacuate Rado. He had heart failure as well as kidney and lung complications and had been on life support in an induced coma for a number of weeks, with a number of setbacks.

Rado has developed a strong bond with Colin through frequent visits and talks with him through a translator app. Colin has been supporting Rado in a variety of ways and encouraging him that the SCFS family and supporters are praying for the miracle of recovery. The amazing news is that Rado is making slow but steady progress and has woken from the coma, talking, and is being weaned off the ventilator.

Rado has asked Colin to pass on this message. “Thank you for praying for my healing”.. Please join with us in praying for his recovery.