Befriending Sick and Injured Seafarers in their Time of Need


Befriending Sick and Injured Seafarers in their Time of Need

Visiting and ministering to seafarers is often challenging, but a great privilege. We come alongside those who are sick in what many say is “a floating prison”.

In doing so we also really help and support their families back home and they, in turn, support us to care for their loved one. In Cork a Filipino seafarer was so thankful for the local Filipino community visiting him and helping him, even preparing some of his favourite dishes.

Many times when visiting ships we have learned of a crew member being ill or in pain. It is a privilege to come alongside and to pray with them. We’ve even seen a number of healings such as

  • A Syrian man’s back pain.
  • Tooth pain stopped when the man couldn’t get to visit a dentist.
  • A Filipino man’s knee after months of pain from arthritis.
  • An Indian who slept well after having poor sleep patterns for a very long time.

There can be frequent hospital visits to seafarers.

  • Sadly one seafarer tried to take his own life by jumping overboard, later saying that he was bullied on board.
  • Two Russians had severe burns from steam in the engine room.
  • A seafarer’s leg was broken when a mooring rope snapped.
  • A D-shackle fell into a cargo hold during a storm at sea and broke the skull of a Filipino who needed a titanium plate inserted.

Please support SCFS as we compassionately care for our sick and injured seafarer friends.

Colin Jenkins

Cork Port Chaplain